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We offer solutions for remote service and continuous remote monitoring of unattended plants.
The products used by our company are fitted with an analogue or digital modem (ISDN, GSM, GPRS, PSTN) to allow an easy remote service of the major PLC brands on the market, using their traditional programming software tools.
hese devices also operate with router interface and allow an effective remote service through the Internet over DSL or GPRS platform, under secure VPN mode.
Whenever software changes and/or checks are requested, our service department easily gets into communication with the remote plant.

The main benefits for the Customer are the following:

quick service in case of plant failure
effective resource exploitation
remarkable cost reduction
dramatic reduction of down times
consistent increase of plant yield
minimisation of start-up times

The remote phone service is regulated by special contracts which can be customised either in terms of annual fee or with time-rechargeable formula.