On board plant construction

The completion of the automation is done with the ‘system installed on the machine with the use of the most advanced and innovative technologies. With the definition of “the machine” means those electrical systems that depart from the control panel of a machine and connect all of the different devices, motors, actuators, limit switches, sensors, pneumatics, etc.. that run the same machine, and each system is somewhat unique and special because it has to meet the technical requirements of the machine-specific electrical and operational in which it is installed. For the realization of the same special attention is paid to the drafting of the cables by spacing the power ones than those susceptible to interference signal. They are used in recent years more and more frequent communication networks or device type Profibus-net and decentralized modules in the field of decentralized peripherals and interfaces to greatly reduce the cable channel that goes to the big picture and have been reduced as a result the size of the main electric box.
In the embodiments of particular plants attention is paid to the choice of the cable type and cable ducting suitable choice for the type of isolation to use to match the current regulations at the installation site.
The systems comply with the EC rules, but also provide facilities in line with American UL-CSA and our installation technicians work on customer request also for implants abroad throughout the world, proven turnkey.
Our experience is guaranteed by the references and the many years of cooperation with partners of recognized international standing, which export their finished products around the world.