Electrical cabinets

We build-up customisable CE marked equipment, using top-quality materials, either with traditional control techniques or managed via programmable logic technology.
We are capable of supplying electrical cabinets for management of plants and machinery, even of large size, equipped with:

• drives of variable power for DC and brushless motors
• frequency converters and sophisticated drives for three-phase asynchronous motors
• electronic braking systems
• PLCs
• synoptic panels, touch screen operator panels and industrial PCs for Human Machine Interface

Particular attention is reserved to wiring, inspection and electrical testing activities, in full compliance with the regulations in force.
Destined to USA and Canadian markets are manufactured using exclusively UL or CSA norms-compliant components.
We provide systematic maintenance, upgrading and ad-hoc modifications to meet the specific Customer needs.
We also manage retrofitting of plants which must be upgraded to the current industry technology due to safety reasons or to the need of improving production performances.